Let’s face it, the reason you are reading this article is that you are in a pinch. The United States is slowly accepting the medicinal value of marijuana, but companies are still very hesitant to accept this. They still have the right to approve or deny an employee if they tested positive in drug testing. Alcohol is more dangerous compared to marijuana, that’s according to studies conducted by The Lancet, but companies don’t care if you are alcoholic or not, but if you tested positive for marijuana use, you’re gone, thank you for your service. That’s a little bit unfair, right?

People always freak out whenever their company announces a random drug testing. They have to pass it, or else they will be fired from their work. The good news is, there are ways to get a negative result; using synthetic urine. But you need to be careful in choosing fake urine. There are different kinds of synthetic urine, depending on the substance you are using. You also have to make sure that you don’t buy fake pee.

Introduction to synthetic urine

What is synthetic urine and what is its use? Artificial urine has the same components and appearance as normal urine. It is laboratory made, and it is used to pass a urine drug test. Fake pee has been available in the market for many years. You can buy it in novelty stores or prank shops. But with the help of modern technology, it came a long way from being used as a kid’s prank to a more critical role in helping people pass a simple drug test. The best fake urine brands can mimic a normal human pee and contain uric acid, creatinine, ammonia, urea, sulfates and balanced pH.

You must be wondering, aren’t all fake pee brands the same? The answer is a resounding no. To tell you the truth, most laboratories that conduct urine testing don’t want people to use fake pee to cheat the system. Scientist all over the world are creating ways to improve their testing, at the same time, manufacturers of synthetic urine are also making their products as close to real urine as possible. It is a never-ending game of cat and mouse. The best brands are always updating their products to beat the system, that is why you should avoid buying sub-standard fake urines if you want to pass the drug test.

Urine drug testing chart

Shown below are the most common drugs that are used by people today. This table is just a partial list and only an approximate because there are other variables like the amount of the drug that is used, that can affect how the timetable will look like in reality.

You can’t exactly tell how long a drug will stay in your body because every drug is different. Some take days and some will take months or even years to come out of our body. There are also other factors that can affect how long the drugs will stay in our body like the age of the user, the weight, body type, how active the user is, and how strong the drug he is using. The timetable above will give an estimate on how long each drug will take to be detectable in a urine or blood test.

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How to prepare for a drug test and how to hide artificial urine

There are steps on how to properly prepare for a drug test and how to use synthetic pee. When you are planning to use fake pee, you also need to know that drug testing agencies will test the authenticity of your sample. They will check the pH level, the compounds in the urine and the temperature. You need to temperature strip, a heating pad and a plastic bottle to keep your sake urine warm. The sample should be body temperature when you give it to the lab technician. Most brands will tell you to heat the sample in a microwave for ten seconds or until it reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the heating pad to keep it warm. You need to keep the bottle in a heating pad until it is time for you to hand the sample for drug testing. There are times where you will be checked before you take the test. If this happens, you need to find ways to keep it concealed. You can use products like Monkey Whizz and Monkey Dong. It will help you hide your sample even during a supervised drug testing. You have to be fast and accurate because synthetic urine can quickly cool down.

In conclusion, there are ways to pass a drug test using fake urine. If you are planning to use artificial pee, make sure to do all the necessary steps to avoid detection. The best way to test negative is to stay clean. But if there’s no other option, artificial urine is still your safest bet.

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