How to Overcome About PCOS

The polycystic ovarian syndrome is increasingly common among women and has a range of side effects. Though it won’t look exactly the same for each woman, PCOS shows up as a hormonal imbalance. PCOS can result in lots of acne and facial hair. Many women lose their periods or experience irregularities with their menstrual cycles. Rapid weight gain and insulin resistance are other symptoms associated with PCOS. This syndrome doesn’t have a cure. This is unfortunate because many women have to deal with symptoms and struggle with depression due to the drastic changes in appearance. If you struggle with PCOS, know that there is hope. Consider these ways to approach the situation.

1. Specialist Visits

Find an endocrinologist that has great reviews and gets great results. Go visit that endocrinologist so that you can stay on top of your bloodwork, numbers and internal health. If you need to go and get an MRI done to see what’s going on, it usually gets authorized through an endocrinologist. If you’re not excited about the thought of getting inside of a small tube, don’t worry. An open MRI is an option at many facilities.

2. Diet

Diet plays a large role in your health. Drink lots of water to cleanse and hydrate the body. It’s also wise to eat lots of good fruits and vegetables. Nuts, grains and seeds are beneficial for fiber and they’ll also help you maintain a healthy digestive tract. You don’t elimination to be an issue for your body. There’s enough going on. Allow food to be your medicine in addition to the medicine your endocrinologist prescribes.

3. Exercise

Though weight gain tends to be a byproduct of PCOS, you can fight this symptom by embracing a very active lifestyle. Find exercises that bring you joy and do them on a regular basis. If sports like basketball and soccer excite you, join local leagues and find ways to play on a weekly basis. If you love step aerobics, you can find a class or purchase a stepper and work out at home. When it comes to hormonal health, strength-training exercises can help a lot. Try to lift weights and challenge the body twice a week. Understand that this is your new normal and if you’d like to experience a change, you’re going to have to fight for it.

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