When you’re ready for teeth alignment – either through braces or through the more convenient and comfortable method of Invisalign – you’ve psyched yourself up for the effort involved in seeing the process through. However, as the months and years go by after you’ve finished, it’s easier to forget about the life-long effort of maintaining your new beautiful smile. Don’t put in the work, though, and your teeth could fall out of alignment and you’ll be back to square one. That’s why it’s so essential you meet with the right dentist and come up with a management plan you can follow.

Work with the Right Dentist

Work with Park Slope Dentistry, a dentist with experience in cosmetic dentistry, to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your alignment even years after you’ve completed the process. The best alignment starts with the best tools, like the Invisalign series of aligners. Over several weeks, months, or years, you change from one aligner to the next as your teeth become progressively more pushed into place. The final aligner is used as your retainer for the rest of your life, so long as you keep it in good condition.

Follow Your Dentists’ Instructions

Your individualized instructions will differ depending on your unique situation, but regardless, it’s important you follow those instructions to the letter. In most cases, your dentist will ask you to wear the final aligner or retainer full-time (except when brushing and eating) for at least several weeks, if not longer. After that, you can move to wearing it at night only. A while after that, you can progress to wearing it every other night – but you must not get lax and wear it less often than your dentist recommends.

Keep It Clean

Wearing the aligner as instructed is only part of the formula to keeping a straight smile. You also have to keep the retainer and your teeth clean or your teeth may decay and need fillings, crowns or even implants, which will disrupt your ability to use your retainer and require a new retainer to be produced. Brush before putting a retainer back in your mouth every time you eat.

With the right dentist on your side, you’re far more likely to make your teeth alignment last. Whether you’ve yet to begin the alignment process or you’ve had teeth aligned in the past and are noticing some movement in your teeth, schedule a consultation today. No matter where you are in the alignment process, the right dentist can make all the difference when it comes to having straight teeth for the rest of your life.

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