Sexual satisfaction is linked to having a good quality of life. If you have a good sex life, then you are going to feel good emotionally. It will also improve the overall quality of your relationship. Unfortunately, certain conditions can make your sex life frustrating. Read on to find out how premature ejaculation causes problems sexually.

Understand The Effects Of The BPH

A benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is the medical term for an enlarged prostate. This condition occurs when your prostate tissue doubles in size. This extra growth blocks the flow of urine from the urethra to your bladder. Men with this condition have difficulty urinating and requires treatment.

Experience Side Effects From Treatments

A variety of procedures are used to treat BPH from minimally-invasive procedures to traditional surgery. These procedures include laser treatments, heat treatments and stents. They may treat your enlarged prostate, but you may experience side effects. For example, stents can cause retrograde ejaculation. This condition causes you to ejaculate into the bladder instead of out of the penis. These procedures can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Treat Your Condition

You can try treating your premature ejaculation at home before seeking medical attention. It may help to take breaks in between sexual acts or wear a thick condom to decrease sensation. If you’re at home methods are not working, then it is time to take to a medical doctor.

Antidepressants are a medication prescribed for ejaculation. It is often used to treat depression, but delay your ejaculation time.

If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction, then you should talk to your doctor. It helps to find out the root cause. Your doctor can perform a physical examination. After reviewing your results, you and your doctor can decide on the best treatment plan.

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