When most people need to undergo an x-ray, MRI or other medical imaging procedure, they typically have the test performed by their regular healthcare provider. However, this isn’t always the smartest or most cost-effective decision. Unbeknownst to many healthcare seekers, there are a number of third-party imaging services, many of which offer equipment and expertise that’s on par with most leading healthcare providers. When setting out to find an imaging service that meets your needs, remember to consider the following factors.

High-Quality Equipment

In many cases, the quality of the imagining equipment largely determines the accuracy of the results. That being the case, any imaging facility you visit should have access to accurate, up-to-date, minimally-invasive x-rays, CTs, MRIs and ultrasound machines. Additionally, if you’re sensitive to radiation, look for facilities with equipment that gives off a very low dose of it. To find such cutting-edge equipment in the Garden State, simply visit http://middletownimaging.com/, Middletown, NJ’s foremost name in medical imaging.

Insurance Flexibility

As anyone who’s received medical imaging services without insurance coverage can tell you, it’s far from inexpensive. As such, the imaging facility you choose should be very flexible with regard to the plans it accepts. It’s particularly important for Medicaid patients to confirm that their plans are accepted before receiving service. Many Medicaid recipients simply assume that facilities that accept Medicare automatically take Medicaid as well – and this often is not the case. Middletown Imagining, for example, accepts an extensive range of plans from the nation’s top insurers, as well as various Medicare and Medicaid plans. No matter who your insurer is, odds are Middletown is willing to work with them.

Fast and Accurate Results

Few things are more nerve-racking than waiting for the results of an important medical test. After undergoing a test, most people want accurate results as quickly as possible. Fully aware of this fact, Middletown Imaging makes every effort to have results ready within 24 hours of each test. Conversely, certain healthcare providers will keep you sitting on pins and needles for days – possibly weeks – before contacting you with results.

Medical imaging can play a vital role in diagnosing a wide range of afflictions and diseases. Unfortunately, imaging services typically don’t come cheap, particularly when they’re performed by big-name healthcare providers. People in need of hassle-free, cost-effective medical imaging should seek treatment at facilities that have top-to-the-line equipment, accept a large assortment of insurance plans and produce fast, accurate results.

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