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So when I discovered these Zucchini Tots on Julies blog A Small Bit of Almost everything , I jumped right on it. In reality, I’ve made them many occasions this month and they are amazing. I admit, while the very first time I produced them, I was precise with the measurements. Yet as I continued to make them, I just eyeballed the components and threw it all in a bowl. It’s a fast and simple recipe that is hard to mess up. I love the onion so I tend to go heavy on the onion. You can use diverse cheeses as effectively. I pretty much stuck with Colby jack and Parmesan as that is what we typically have on hand. These small guys are cute and scrumptious. I only wish I had another mini muffin pan!

As soon as ALL Ingredients are in freezer bags push all of the air out of them and seal. Lay bags flat so they freeze flat. Stack in Freezer… as soon as they are frozen you can re-arrange to best suit your freezer space. Take meal out of freezer the night just before you want to place it in slow cooker so it thaws a bit.

A tender, flakey piece of wild salmon tends to make a fab protein-and-healthy-fat source, but cooking fish can sometimes feel like a chore. That is why I maintain pre-cooked aseptic-packed wild salmon in my fridge. (Verify labels to make positive your salmon is wild and not farmed) Merely peel off the skin and toss it onto a salad or with some steamed veggies and quinoa.

I undoubtedly will be attempting these out! Some of my favourite components are avocado, hummus, and beans and now I want to try your recipes out! I’m honestly tired of the sandwich or sub routine for lunch so it’s time to alter items up! Thank you so a lot!

I was just browsing around to discover an inspiration for one thing to put in my lunch bag and I couldn’t be happier when I identified this lens. I really like tortilla wraps and they discover their location in my bag as usually as feasible… Can not wait to try some of these out.

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